Newstrust: The Wave of the Future

8 Apr

In my opinion, organizations such as Newstrust represent the future of journalism. The sharing of mass amounts of information through online databases allow the collective sharing of valuable and pertinent data. By having a variety pieces accessible through the same medium, readers are more wholly informed, and gain perspective from alternative sources. Additionally, through reader reviews, the quality of writing improves as journalists receive feedback and critiques to improve their work.

Online communities such as Newstrust are the wave of the future because of the ability of readers to actively post breaking news and materials. With the dispensary of news acting instantaneously, consumers from all spectrums of the field are able to participate in the dissemination process.

I enjoyed both our exercises in class with Mike Labonte as well as the reviewing and posting of articles through Newstrust. The reviewing process allowed me the opportunity to analyze articles that I normally wouldn’t have taken the time to assess and rate. This process made me inherently aware of the effectiveness and tone of the articles I was reading and posting. It was also interesting to read the reviews of other Newstrust members in relation to mine. Often times, there were significant differences in observations and like/dislikes between myself and members. We both offered new and interesting bits to the conversation and analysis of topics and added to the academic nature of the site.

Newstrust reminded me of such journalistic databases as the Huffington Post and Yahoo! News programs. All of these sites produce little to no original articles, but instead rely on outside material to compose a diverse array of news and information. I am a fan of variety and truly believe that it is a vital concept in the quest for fair and global reporting.

Newstrust is a great resource for journalists and readers alike, and will definitely remain a top destination in my search for the most dependable and up-to-date stories.


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